Detroit Red Wing Alumni | DRWA Vs. Hartland 04/05/14

Today’s Detroit Red Wing Alumni features over 7,600 NHL games played and 1900 goals scored. Here are your hockey heroes:
Nilsen, Rolf 4
A member of the Detroit Red Wing Alumni Association.
Bowman, George 35
Currently the Secretary of The Red Wing Alumni, George is grandson of the original Scotty Bowman (1930s-1940s Red Wings).
Iafrate, Al 43
A Michigan native and 1st round pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, A former US Olympian and a veteran of Boston, Toronto, San Jose and the Washington Capitals.
Presley, Wayne 17
Currently the Vice President of The Red Wing Alumni. Wayne was Drafted by Chicago in 1983 and played 13 seasons in the NHL
Ribble, Pat 3
Pat played in over 440 professional NHL games for five NHL teams. He won a Bronze Medal with Team Canada in Prague in 1978.
Samsonov, Sergei 14
He is a Native of Russia and a former IHL and NHL Rookie of the year and a Bronze Medalist in Olympic competition.
Smolinski, Bryan 20
A Michigan State University Alum with over 1,000 career NHL games and 270 goals.
Fedyk, Brent 15
He was selected by Detroit in the first round of the 1985 draft And played for Detroit from 1987-1992
Mio, Ed 41
Eddie started his pro career in the World Hockey Association. His NHL career began in Edmonton with the Oilers. A Detroit Red Wing from 1983-1986
Miller, Kevin 23
Drafted by the New York Rangers in1984, this Michigan State University Alum spent a solid career with 9 NHL teams including 2 stints with The Detroit Red Wings.
Ogrodnick, John 25
He is a career 402 goal scorer. During the 1984-85 Red Wing season, John scored 55 regular-season goals and was named a first-team All Star.
Klima, Peter 85
A Stanley Cup Champion with The Edmonton Oilers in 1990, he was drafted by Detroit in 1983 and in 1985,defected to the United States from Czechoslovakia to play for the Red Wings.
Kocur, Joe 26
A 4 time Stanley Cup Champion and one of the most feared enforcers in The NHL. A Charter member of the “Grind Line” and “The Bruise Brothers”, he is currently the President of The Detroit Red Wing Alumni Association.

A special introduction: For 42 years Tom Shaw has been the team trainer for the Detroit Red Wing Alumni and is participating in his final game today. Please give a warm welcome and a hearty “Thank You” to a true Red Wing Legend!